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What are Core Drills and Why are They Important?

Every so often I get asked about core drills. People want to know what is it and why it’s important. If you’ve taken Strengths Finder you’ve figured out what your top talents are but core drills can take it a step further.

Like I’ve said before, you don’t want to just put your Strengths Assessment results back on the shelf. The best thing to do with these results is to intentionally develop a skill related to your talents, acquire more knowledge and experience about it, and actually utilize these unique characteristics in your everyday life. That’s where core drills come in.

So What Exactly Is a Core Drill?

A core drill is really a representation of the talents that you have in the quadrants in which they exist. In other words, each of the 34 talents can be categorized into a particular grouping. Those groupings of talents share certain traits. There are four of those in the work that we do. 

There are connect talents, which connect you with other people and the way that you do that is a leading way of being as an individual. There are reflect talents which are those that really speak to the way our brains work and the way we think. Next, there are energize talents, which are all about wanting to get started and finish tasks. They’re sort of that itch for action that some of us have as a leading way of being. Finally, there are mobilize talents, which help us through our passion, engage and motivate others.

The Value of Core Drills

Some of us have those as a very prevalent part of who we are as well. The real value of the core drill is that it sort of summarizes your talents regardless of what they are within each of the quadrants. Remember, you may find that your results favor a particular quadrant but that doesn’t mean you won’t have talents in other quadrants as well. Some of your top talents per quadrant may vary, but here’s a quick summary of what that can look like.

  • Connect – communication, empathy, harmony, includer, individualization, relator, responsibility
  • Mobilize – command, competition, developer, maximizer, positivity
  • Energize – achiever, activator, adaptability, belief, discipline, focus, restorative, self-assurance, significance
  • Reflect – analytics, arranger, connectedness, consistency, context, deliberate, futuristic, ideation, input, learner

We can also understand ourselves a bit at a glance when we look at our core drill, In a way, core drills are partly an a summation of the mix of talents that we have. Now, of course, that’s not enough. That’s a great starting point, though.

However, we really should look at the individual talents as well. But we don’t always have an opportunity to do that when we meet someone. If we can understand what our core drill is and what another person’s core drill is, we can take much more intentional action in terms of how we choose to interact with them.

In addition, we’ll have a clearer understanding of the ways that we can begin to look at any kinds of challenges that we might be having with another individual and be much more intentional about what we do with that.

Utilize Your Core Drills As Often As You Can

So core drills are pretty much superpowers that we have, just at a glance. If you have your top five talents, go here to take a quick quiz by inputting your talent and see what your core drill is. We have great descriptions of what that means, and very engaging content for you to learn a bit more about what your mix of talent says about you. Have fun with it because there are so many great things that come with being your own self and utilizing your particular core drill.

core drills core focus consulting

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