Are you stuck at a career crossroads without a map?

Learn to harness your innate strengths and build a career you LOVE.

You don't have to guess which way to turn.

Maybe you’re a recent college graduate looking for that perfect starter job. Or maybe you’re stuck in a career that just doesn’t feel right anymore but you don't know what your next step should be.

Sometimes just figuring out where to get started can be so overwhelming that you can't imagine that you’ll ever make a change.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed during major life changes, especially if you’re trying to tackle it all on your own. Without an outside perspective, it's hard to see the big picture, let alone the right path. And relying on your best friend or mom or even a self-help book for advice isn't giving you the fundamental clarity you need.

What if I told you that you can take a big step toward your future by getting to know yourself - what you really want that's aligned to who you naturally are - so that you can choose the path that's most likely to take you where you want to go? And take that first BIG step, in just 90 minutes?

It's possible!

Discover how your Clifton Strengths can help you see the clearest path by leaning into who you're built to be. It's an investment in YOU!

Lift yourself, don't limit yourself, and bring your talents to life!

Introducing: Crossroads Coaching

A 90-minute session where we dive into your CliftonStrengths to focus on what you are GREAT at and how to harness your strengths for career growth. 

With Crossroads Coaching you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what makes you tick so that you can begin to design a life and career to you
  • Discard options that don't fit who you are
  • Know your strengths so you can draw on others for theirs
  • Stop settling and start soaring!


Experience the impact of Crossroads Coaching and see your path more clearly  once you understand your strengths and where your greatest potential resides. Because it's in you, just waiting!

Hey, you can pick a career by trial and error.  You can choose one because some one else said you "should." You can wait until you hate your career and quit in frustration. Or you can even stay in a job you resent until it's time to retire.

Sounds awful, huh? Because it is!

It's never too early or too late to choose well and change well. And signing up for a Crossroads Coaching session is the perfect first step.

Ready to take hold of your future? Sign up for Crossroads Coaching today!