How to Dig into Your Natural Strengths with Crossroads Coaching


What do your top five strengths say about you?

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Do you should on yourself? You probably do, because really, we all do it. I can’t count the number of times in a given day, I will say to myself things like: 

I should go work out today
I should fix a healthier meal
I should get to work on that piece of writing I’ve been meaning to do

Most of us do this without even thinking about it because it’s an internal expectation we set or an external expectation that someone else has set that we’ve taken to heart. 

The problem is, that’s not who we are. The sooner you realize this and embrace your unique strengths and talents, the better. This is why I developed Crossroads Coaching to help you harness your innate strengths and build a career you love.

Feeling Stuck in Your Career Is Common

I’ll give you an example of how Crossroads Coaching can help you gain clarity if you find yourself stuck in a career that isn’t serving you.

I have a good friend who began his career as a marketing person and grew up in that field for a good while of time. He eventually became a marketing director and he was frustrated. He did not like the bureaucracy, the process, all that kind of stuff. What he liked was the creative problem solving and the fixing of things as they came his way. He was almost a first responder firefighter kind of guy. So in terms of his talent mix, he’s what we call an Optimizer. 

What that means is that he has Connect (blue) talents that help him connect easily to other people. He also has Mobilize (magenta) talents that have him wanting to be helpful to other people to motivate them to move forward. And then he has Energize (orange) talents, which are all about getting going, taking action, and finishing things. 

Crossroads Coaching Helps You Analyze the Data to Fully Connect Your Career Choice With Your Strengths

What my friend doesn’t have in his Top 5 are the Reflect (green) talents which are those that are all about thinking, pondering, and reflecting, which were a part of the job that he was doing as a marketing director. You have to analyze data to make decisions about the direction you’re going to go in. This became very frustrating to him because he felt that it took too long for things to get done. 

When he changed careers and became a paramedic, he was able to dance in the moment and address problems as they came up and bond with people. This allowed him to help others get through what they were experiencing and take action to help them. So it’s a much better fit for who he is and how he’s wired. So if you find yourself should-ing on yourself a lot, you may be at a crossroads. 

Ready to Take Action?

Maybe it’s time to take a look internally at who you are and the direction you should be going in to determine what is truly right for you. So click here and schedule a call to dig into your natural strengths and what you truly should be doing based on who you truly are.

Crossroads Coaching helps you:

  • Understand what makes you tick so that you can begin to design a life and career to you
  • Discard options that don’t fit who you are
  • Know your strengths so you can draw on others for theirs
  • Stop settling and start soaring!

Crossroads Coaching is best for anyone trying to decide where to take their career. Whether you’re new to the workforce or have decades of experience, this coaching session will help you figure out your next steps, based totally on who you are.

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What do your top five strengths say about you?

Take this free assessment and find out!