Dig deeper into what makes you great and bring your talents to life

Your Top 5 strengths are powerful...
but only if you understand what they mean for you.

Let me guess.

You took the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly known as StrengthsFinder) and when the PDF appeared, you saw paragraphs and paragraphs of information to read through, and so you read it and really wished that you'd had a highlighter to pick out the juiciest insights.

But you didn't have a highlighter.

"I'll get to this later," you told yourself.

But you never did.

You're not alone.

Almost everyone I've talked to who has taken the assessment (and trust me, I've talked to thousands!) can't come up with their top talent without checking their notes, let alone their top five.

And I get it. The presentation is lengthy and dry.

But by ignoring your top five talents, you're missing what makes you special.

That's why I created 34Talents, the mini-course video series that will help you internalize your talents in a way you've never done before.

With this offer, you'll receive access to 34 concise and engaging videos of each of the talents. Use them to learn more about yourself, and share them with others to have fun with your friends, family members and others in your life.

John goes deep into what the talent is, how it's useful and things to watch for as you evolve your natural talents into the strengths they're meant to be - who you are meant to be!


34 Talents

"I think what was most helpful for me was the insight to unlock potential I didn’t know was there."

-Will Moody

Are you struggling with CliftonStrengths?

You took the assessment. Glanced over the PDF. But somehow, even though you were supposed to feel enlightened by learning your top five, you're not exactly there yet.

You didn't take this just to read through some document that will end up in a folder on a shelf.

You took it to take a deeper look into what I call your talent DNA.

Your top five talents (and the order in which they appear) make up the person you are.


It's not how you're WEIRD, it's how you're WIRED.

Going deeper into your top five talents is the best way to figure out what you're supposed to do next.

34 Talents is 100% for you.

You'll get more out of watching five two-minute videos than you did from reading your whole results book. John is a renowned storyteller whose engaging and conversational style has won over thousands of people.

34 Talents

The video mini course that goes into each of the 34 talents, in depth, so you can go deeper into what makes you unique.

34 Talents goes into more depth to reveal what's great about each talent, how each talent manifests itself out in the world, how to harness each talent, and how to work with someone who has that talent in their top five.

"John helped me understand myself and my leaders so that we can coach and develop our people far more individually and effectively!”

-Tony Richards


Here's what's included:


Introduction to the CONNECT talents


Introduction to the REFLECT talents


Introduction to the ENERGIZE talents


Introduction to the MOBILIZE talents


Two-minute videos about each of the 34 talents. Strengths, uses and what to watch out for.

“For much of my life I’ve felt different and 'quirky.' John has helped me not only understand who I am, but what’s great about it. He’s helped me understand how I’m wired, not weird!”

-Christina Ashton


Hi, I'm John.

I've been leading teams to success for over 30 years. And in that time, I've come to notice some facts about humans and how they're wired:

  1. When people are able to work within their zones of genius, time melts away. They're living their purpose.
  2. Our talents are what we come into the world with that help us be productive and fulfilled.
  3. When we understand our talents and put them to good use, they become strengths.
  4. When we go into situations with other people, we are seeing them through our lens.
  5. When we can know what their strengths are, we can work with them with a higher degree of empathy, understanding, appreciation and success.
  6. The root of all conflict is expecting others to see the world from our perspective, and getting frustrated when that doesn't happen - and it almost never happens.

Think of this mini course as your roadmap to what makes you tick.

Then, once you've figured out what makes you tick, use the insights within this course to figure out what makes those around you tick. After you've looked at yourself, you can share the videos with others in your life who have their results. So, the course is useful for you and for those you care most about!