Make your team STRONGER.

Boost individual and team performance by leaning into the strengths of everyone on your team.

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Team Programs

Turn your team's talents into strengths. Be a more intentional and successful leader.

One-on-One Coaching

Go deep into what makes you you through an individual approach.

DIY: 34 Talents

Learn all about the 34 talents that comprise CliftonStrengths.

From self-assessment comes self discovery.

We use the CliftonStrengths Assessment and CoreClarity methodology to help our clients identify their core talents and strengths, and distill them in an understandable, relatable, memorable and actionable way.


The CliftonStrengths measures 34 talents — some of which you may have in abundance and some you may not have at all. But discovering your inner talents and strengths is only half the equation. Developing tools and strategies that enable you to play to your newfound talents and strengths in real-world situations is where CoreFocus Consulting delivers the most value.

Meet John.

John Lincoln has helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams identify and utilize their talents and strengths to get more out of their personal and professional lives. He's uniquely trained and qualified to help you bring more focus and intention to your life, just as he's done for so many others in the past.


John's Background

+ Certifications
  • Certified Coach/Facilitator – CoreClarity
  • Executive & Leader Coaching
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
  • Executive Leadership
  • Customer Experience
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Prosci Change Management
  • Agile
  • Professional Storytelling – Broadcast globally on “The Moth Radio Hour” Story – “Good Guys & Good Ol’ Boys

Get better at being who you are

At CoreFocus Consulting, we can help you discover who you are on the inside — versus chasing who you’re not — and show you how to use your natural talents and strengths to lead a more intentional life.

Don’t wait a lifetime to thrive as your authentic self. Turn data into action and lean into your talents and strengths to create a more directed, passionate and productive rest of your life... starting right now.

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