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I Took StrengthsFinder… Now What?

So you took the StrengthsFinder assessment. Now what? I get asked the question every now and then, and you may have asked yourself ‘what’s next?’ after taking the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment. The assessment itself is an experience like no other. Plus, you get all this knowledge about who you are and read through your …

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295 undecillion CoreFocus Consulting

295 Undecillion

Let me give you a number: 295 undecillion. That’s 295 with 12 commas and 36 digits behind it. That’s a big number. One in 295 undecillion: that’s the likelihood that you’ll meet someone just like you in terms of your talents. In CliftonStrengths work, we identify 34 talents that each of us has to some …

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What do your top 5 strengths say about you?